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Why Android PWM app

Here is a project Chris just completed!

Why Android PWM?  Android PWM is a useful tool, which can generate pulse width modulation signals on the go with various frequencies and duty cycles.

It’s useful for controlling motor speeds, or other devices.  Three channels may be operated simultaneously.   It utilizes inexpensive Arduino hardware.   And with less than $100 you can build yourself a PWM generator controlled by your phone.  How cool is that?

Android PWM is an application to control the Arduino Uno Pulse Width Modulation digital output pins  3, 5 and 6.  Some assembly is required.  Aside from this Android application available on the Android Market,  an Arduino Uno, a USB shield,   the Microbridge framework and the android-pwm sketch program must be installed.

Android PWM uses the MicroBridge ADB connection between Arduino and Android.

Pin 3 has the following frequency selections: 30.5 ,  122.1,  488.3,  976.6,  3906.3, 31.25 kHz
* Pin 3 uses a separate timer than Pins 5 and 6.
Pin 5 & 6 have the frequency selections: 61,  244.1,  976.6,  7812.5,  and 62500 Hz.

Read more about  it here!

Come tell us your app idea!

Got an idea for an app? Come share it with us and discuss the possibilities. We will be hosting an App Idea Night – twice a week in Ann Arbor! Just across from the Realm Theater (formerly Showcase Cinemas).

At the developer’s night you can come a met us, discus your idea and explore the possibilities – FREE. That’s right, no consulting fee!

I’ll update this post with the time and day of the week when we finalize the details. So … stay tuned!