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Your Own Smart Phone App … on Your Client’s Phone.

Your Own Smart Phone App … on Your Client’s Phone.

Business cards get filed, promotional stuff gets tossed, but people take their phone with them EVERYWHERE.

Phone facts:

  • People put apps on their phone and rarely take them off.
  • Your app icon will remind phone owners about your business.
  • People love useful apps, and apps that make their life easier.
  • Everyone likes sharing fun & useful apps with friends – why not your own app.

Does your business have something of value to offer …
A laser toner supply business made an app that lets customers order toner when low.
Key Benefit – the customer does not need to search for cartridge numbers from a
website. The app knows the customer’s printers. So ordering is easy.

Home Depot has an app, Lowe’s does not. People shopping in Lowe’s can check for
lower prices at Home Depot. But someone in Home Depot can’t do the reverse.
For large purchases, Home Depot can take customers from Lowe’s.

A consultant has a Magic Eight Ball app with customized responses. In “fun mode” the Magic Eight Ball app generates random guesses to problems like “the future looks bright.”
Key Benefit – while fun, the app also can connect customers to the consultant’s
website for real answers to common business questions.

If you have a website, apps can let customers see and send info faster than using a browser. Retail shop owners can send specials to spark sales. Service businesses can keep customers informed and provide useful info. Prospects can use your application to sample your product – and later buy or contact the sales person.

The benefit is that your application is seen every time the person scrolls through their apps – even if your app is not chosen. What a great branding tool!

For under $500 you could have an app to connect to customers, get new clients and drive sales to your website.

Typical app prices

  • Helpful apps that calculate, quote or generate simple reports … $100.
  •  Fun quizzes, surveys and trivia facts finders … $150.
  • An app to connect people to your website … $150.
  • Let people set appointments for your services .. $200.
  • Offer coupons or specials when you need extra sales … $250.

How it works:
We upload the app to the Apple Store and Android Marketplace so your customer can get it. You get a link to email friends, clients, and prospects. We take care of the technical support for your users – and give you training.

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Technical Writer: Dale