Archive Monthly Archives: June 2013

Apps We’re Developing

Currently we are finishing a Restaurant POS app with a Mac, Windows and Linus GUI. The differentiators of this app is that is networks will all platforms so that elegant Macs can be used in the front of the house, while less expensive Linux or Windows servers can be used in the kitchen and back office.

Our time-billing app is in beta testing. It allows users to track tasks – which sounds ho-hum. But this app lets users quick-tap to change tasks. The tasks keep an ongoing log of the time spent per task.

One of our new clients (in California) asked us to write a video app to capture public speakers. The client presents public speaking seminars for professionals. The app allows multiple takes and copies the student’s videos to their flash drive at the end of the class. The tricky part was making sure the app worked with a wide variety of cameras.

This seems to be the month of video projects. A video animation company in Israel asked us to fix their Java app that was abandoned by their last contractor. The application allows a team to comment on a video project by attachingĀ  notes to specific video frames. This is a cross-platform app that is working great! A very fun project.

We also secured a client in Atlanta who programs BMW and other German performance vehicles. As you may know, most cars today, are dependent on a computer chip to control the vehicle. Fine tuning the software in these chips can yield better performance. Being in the Ann Arbor area (yet near Detroit) we know a lot about cars. However, the Germans are tight-lipped about the secrets of programming their vehicles. This client has asked us to write software to allow car enthusiasts to be able to re-program their own vehicle (with guidance from the client). As such, this software has a B2B and B2C component. The B2B component focuses some software features on BMW dealers that want to offer re-programming as a service.

One small app that I programmed for myself, was Hunks-Of-Text. I constantly find myself pasting he same code into a project or the same paragraph in to email. So Hunks-Of-Text allows me to save all these paragraphs to a file and paste them by just double clicking. The app stays on-screen but minimized. It will be for sale later this month (or likely free).

Until next month,