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Movie Sticky Notes

MovieStickyNotesMovie Sticky Notes allows you to tag notes to individual frames of the video, save the notes with the video file, and jump to the right frame in the video by clicking on the note.

Ever need to watch a video clips communicate your notes? Animators often needed to get dailies or raw footage to clients or collaborators for comments – but it was a hassle. This problem has gotten worse as more people are shooting video. Until now, there was no convenient way mark-up video for discussion.

Problem solved!

Now, there’s Movie Sticky Notes. It lets you watch a video, and add a note to just the right spot. And because Movie Sticky Note attaches the note to a specific frame, others know exactly where in the video you mean. You ideas are communicated with less effort.

And because the note is a simple text file, you don’t need to email the video back and forth – just email the updated note file. Now two way collaboration is fun! … or at least not the hassle it once way.

Watch this video to see how Movie Sticky Notes works.

Follow the link to and download the trial version today!

*** This software is in Beta Testing. So you can download the current version and try it for free. Please email comments or bugs you find.

MovieStickyNotes Mac Intel Cocoa (10.5-10.8)
MovieStickyNotes Mac Carbon (10.5-10.6)
MovieStickyNotes Windows XP – 8

You’ll need a license to add notes, just email me during the beta period.
The beta versions will die after a while.