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SaaS for the Shark Tank

October 29, 2014

    Click Here To Play!

1WholeThis is a SaaS app that I made for the Shark Tank show. To play the game, and use the calculator visit to see it live.

You can watch the video of how to play here:

The key thing about this web app is that we needed to harden the site as there are 6 million Shark Tank viewers each week. As such, that much traffic will kill a WordPress site. And almost any site that used scripts (like PHP or Javascript). Javascript is fine on the client end, but we really needed a non-scripting language for the executable on the server end.

My choices were RoR (Ruby on Rails) which is scripted, Java (as in a TomCat server with Apache). Instead, I opted for building an integrated HTTP server and real executable. No scripting. This results in a super secure, and fast site that can render up the HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript to each new user and keep track of the sessions.

So far, the weekly users don’t stain the server.

With web apps, a little planning goes a long way to robustness.

If you are a Shark Tank fanatic, enjoy the game with me and my lovely each week.