Habits are more powerful than Resolutions.

December 31, 2014

Cheerful_Robot-70Forget those new year’s resolutions. Habits are better ways to achieve your goals.

Instead of writing down what you resolve to do, it’s time to use a powerful part of your mind – the part that executes habits.

A resolution is relaying on willpower, discipline and motivation. And as you know, these have failed you in the past. But a habit, once formed takes no energy. … but why.

The old, survival part of the mind, relied on habits to keep us alive. Eating food, a habit, keeps us alive. So that part of the brain repeats it without effort – sometimes to the determinant of our waist-lines.

But you can harness the powerful habit beast. I found habits so powerful that I even wrote free software and made a free video so you can form helpful habits faster. You don’t need my software, even pen and paper systems can help establish routines that enhance your life. So put down that resolution list, and learn how to get started with the power of habits.

Free video about how to develop habits.

HabitChain  Totally Free to download and use.
Here is a video on using the software.

Windows Version of Habit Chain

Mac Version of Habit Chain

Linux Version of Habit Chain

Enjoy and good luck with your habits!

Installation. …
Just run the program on one main computer.Then every computer in your network can see the software from a web browser.


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