SAAS Software As A Service.

Imagine having your competitive data on the same computer as ten competitors. That’s exactly what happens with Software As A Service (think Many companies have their prospect lists, clients and sales data on the same computer. Yet these companies sleep like a baby at night … how? This SaaS application I wrote for an […]

Wireframe Android and iOS Apps with Excel!

October 27, 2013

  Why would anyone create mobile app interfaces in Excel?  … Well, that’s what I do … tell ya why. I want my apps to be accepted, approved and downloaded. User acceptance is often the hardest thing to get right. Wireframes or prototypes are a great way to get users to try an app before […]

Movie Sticky Notes

Movie Sticky Notes allows you to tag notes to individual frames of the video, save the notes with the video file, and jump to the right frame in the video by clicking on the note. Ever need to watch a video clips communicate your notes? Animators often needed to get dailies or raw footage to […]

Apps We’re Developing

Currently we are finishing a Restaurant POS app with a Mac, Windows and Linus GUI. The differentiators of this app is that is networks will all platforms so that elegant Macs can be used in the front of the house, while less expensive Linux or Windows servers can be used in the kitchen and back […]