LinkedIn Moderation Kills Participation

LinkedIn “Held for Moderation” kills participation.
Ever posted to one of your groups and get the dreaded “Your Post Is Being Held For Moderation.” … I’m going to try to convince you that this is hurting all Linkedin users, and we should tell LinkedIn to STOP doing this.

LinkedIn wrote a software “feature” that allows ONE group owner to BAN you from ALL your groups. It works like this – you post to a group you’re in – let’s say the I-Like-Cheese Group. But you mention a cheese by it’s brand name. The group owner (head cheese head) decides that the post is promotional – and so he marks that YOUR posts are to be … “Held For Moderation.”

Now, your posts are BANNED from ALL the groups you’re in. Try to post to the I-Love-Dogs group … and you’ll get the “Your Post Is Being Held For Moderation.” Try to post in the My-Blue-Pony group and you’ll see … “Your Post Is Being Held For Moderation.” Post to a group critical to your career … you guessed it – held for moderation.

Now when I say “banned”, I don’t mean you can’t read what is going on in other groups, but you’re banned from the conversation as your posts will either be held so long that moment has past, or your post never gets seen at all. You see, every post that is held, requires that the group owner release your post. Not just the posts of the blocking group, but of ALL the groups you’re in. So, if you post to a non-blocking group, but the owner is away for a week, your post gets held for a week. If the non-blocking group owner rarely check the group, your posts rarely get posted. And if the non-blocking owner is just tired of releasing your posts, well, they never get posted at all.

So how do you get unblocked?

ONLY the original blocking group owner, who blocked, you can unblock you. As long as they have the block on, your posts are held for ALL your groups. AND the idiot group owner never needs to tell you. So if you’re in 50 groups, you need to contact each one and HOPE you find the hidden owner. And they unblock you. But … what makes this game extra fun is that the owner does NOT need to tell you who they are and LinkedIn refuses to help. LinkedIn has this lame statement about how they “can’t” when in fact they can. It’s there database that the block is in.

LinkedIn in has lied and said that they cannot change this – well sure they can – it’s just software. A developer wrote the code to do this, and they can remove it or change it.

I suggest a system where a group owner can ONLY hold posts for HIS/HER group, and the hold informs the member. “Hey dude, the Cheese Heads don’t allow mentioning of brand names, your posts will be held for moderation from now on.” And if this system is to prevent spam, LinkedIn could have a system where if your posts are being held by 10% of your groups, you can’t post to any until you clear these blocks. Maybe 10% is to low for a person who is only in two groups, but some reasonable system could be established to balance spam and legitimate participation.

Please join me in posting to ALL your groups that you support this idea. Ban the Ban!

Thanks Eric


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