MyLo ends tab frustration. Now you can interact with multiple websites without changing tabs. See all your important sites and once, and use them without switching.


This video show you how it works.



MyLo’s 2×2 display lets you have four live browser sessions.



Four horizontal let’s you have four browser sessions shaped like your smart phone.



Four vertical lets you have full width sessions.



This display lets you have a main browser area, and four mini browser areas. And you can swap large to small as you need to.



You can also shrink the main browser area to see more of the other sites.




Or have main browser session full height.



You can even divide the browser areas 50-50.



With Six View, you can have 18 sites open and scroll between them. The main window hosts six, fully functional, browser windows.




With the Six-Pop setting, you have one main browser area, and 18, scrollable sites. Any mini-browser site, can be moved into the main site. And sites can be added to the mix.



The sites you visit the most, can be organized into sets. And MyLo can save your username and encrypted passwords with the set data. This makes logging and loading groups of sites a snap.

If you’re frustrated with tabbed browsing, give MyLo a try. It won’t replace your other browser … or will it?
MyLo runs on Windows 32/64bit, Mac OS X 32/64bit and Linux 32/64bit. If you have questions or need support, please contact me – [email protected]

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Training Videos
01-Menu Settings
02-Simple Views
03-Interactive Views
04-Advanced Views