SellShirts! Software to help you … Sell More Shirts!

FightingEMUCreated for T-Shirt designers that share the same frustration … getting a shirt design selling FAST.

Here is what one designer told us.

“I was frustrated every time I designed a new shirt, for a client or my own shirt line, at the amount of work to get the shirt selling.

For each new design, I had to make a lot of mock-ups. One for each color choice, each style (T-shirt, hoodies and long sleeve), and each gender model (male, female and sometimes even dogs)!

Then I had to print a Look-Book for local clients so they could choose what they wanted to order. Then create a PayPal enabled page for non-profit clients so their supporters could buy the shirt. And … if I wanted to sell the shirts myself, I needed to add all the shirt combination of sizes and colors into a WordPress ecommerce plugin. That meant filling out a grid with the prices for each size, in each color and each style. Yikes … what a mess.

Lastly, I needed to go back to Photoshop to create the Facebook and Google ads if I was selling my own design.”

Out of that frustration came SellShirts! … A¬†software package that did it all for T-Shirt designers. Now you can have it too. One application that does it all to help you go from design to selling your shirts – FAST.

Works on Mac OSX and Windows.

To learn more … watch this video.

Questions? Email Me – Eric.

New for 2016 … Normally $199, now just $99.


Q: Do you have to have a PayPal business account set up to use this? I have a business account but don’t pay any monthly fees or anything?

A: My PayPal account is NOT one of the advanced business types. That is, it’s the same as a personal account. My account is the lowest level PayPal account. It’s just like yours.

Personal and business accounts act the same at the lowest level. A person may need to verify a credit card to accept more than $3,000. But I don’t pay any monthly fees.

SellShirts! makes buttons that work with ANY PayPal account.

Q:Are there hoodies, long sleeve t’s, and v neck t’s in the software? Can you bring in other items such as performance hoodies etc?

A: You can use ANY background image for the models. That said, the software looks for NAMES to be set-up correctly. Basically, there is a folder with the images for the models in each shirt color. Anyone can replace the images with V-neck models. It does require a little work. So I may put out a video on how to do that.

Currently, there are models for T-Shirts, Long sleeve T’s and Hoodies. I will likely add V-necks in the next release.

Q:Can the stand alone pages be put on my current website? IF so, how hard is that to do?

A: If you have a WordPress site, it’s easy. If you have a hosting account for most any kind of site, it’s easy. If you are using SquareSpace or Shopify, it may be a little trickier. The difficult is like this:
EASY – if you have your own hosting account.
EASY – with a WordPress blog and a hosting account.
MEDIMUM – with a WordPress blog on or a locked platform.
HARDER – with SquareSpace or Shopify * or at least until I do this for someone and see how these sites work.