Spell Shooter for Pathfinder or D&D

Once upon a time I decide to play a magic user who was a good witch during the day, and an evil sorceress at night. Thus, I needed to use BOTH magic systems in Pathfinder. What a nightmare …

Then I wrote SpellShooter – a software application that lets you manage your spell casting without all the paper mess and constant rewriting.

It all starts when you level up. Spell shooter incorporates a spell database so you can add spells to your spell book or known spells list. Then, the software allows you to re-set your spells for the day.

In the case of Sorcerers (or casters that work like sorcerers), the software keeps track of your use of spells cast, and zero level spells.

For Wizards (or spell casters that work like wizards), Spell Shooter helps you manage your prepared spells. And even makes sure you take all the zero level spells you are allowed. Then keeps track as you fire them off.

Spell Shooter even takes care of special abilities (that you may be allowed to cast a fixed number of times each day).

And if your adventuring is interrupted (game night ends but your half way through a fight), Spell Shooter will save your place. No need to fumble for papers.

Spell Shooter runs on the Mac (10.7+), Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi.