Web Apps are Business Apps Available to Everyone Online.



Web App:
“a website that is interactive, like a phone app, but available to anyone on the web”

WordPress sites are all about content. Great when you have the time to add content. And when content is all you need to share.

What if you need a business app online?
Then it’s time for a web app.

When your website needs don’t fit within a WordPress blog, it’s time for a web app. A web app lets you have a real application that users access via the web. WordPress sites and site builders depend on plugins and a code base to serve the masses – not your. Our web apps are not bound to any software technology – it’s custom – it’s yours.

Want to know more?
Free consulting to determine if a web or cloud app is right for your organization.

While we can host your web app, so can you. They run on your own Mac, Windows or Linux server, or hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft (Azure Cloud Services) or most any hosting company.

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Here is an example Web App. Users could log in and try to predict which Shark would take the deal on during the ABC, Shark Tank show.

This interactive site, also allows users to chat and share with each other. Creating an online community around the show.