Website Design

If you have better things to do than create a website, then let us help.

Here are three things to help you choose the right web designer …

* Scammers can provide links to sites they never made,

* Communication with your designer helps you get the site you want,

* A site can be set-up so it’s hard (or easy) to maintain.

I’ve provided both a short, and longer, video so you can:

* See some sites I made,

* Understand the difference between a custom site and a WordPress site,

* Learn how to save money with a themed site.

All the sites I make, come with one year of:

+ Fast hosting,

+ Hacker protection and monitoring,

+ Software updates to keep the site fast and safe.

After you watch the vides, let me know if you want to talk about your project needs.

Thanks Eric

Video Short version 

Video Long version 

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