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Is your team too busy to develop an Android, iOS, web, SaaS or Cloud app?
At Light Bolt, our apps are secure, battle-tested, and developed in weeks, not months.
We'll update your app to keep it current after the first version.
But most important, we'll help you understand your options to make the right decision between platforms.
So start the conversation today.


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It's Best For

Small businesses

Looking for an app to connect digitally with your customer. Or provides services with cloud based apps.

Online Quoting

Help customers generate their own quotes online. Using secure, web-based, quoting engines pre-qualifies leads for your sales staff, or lets customers get their own quotes. And generate orders.

Busy professionals

Support your team in the field with custom apps or cloud based resources. All within a secure environment that keeps company secrets - secret.


Offer your SaaS app without the need for learning all the ins-and-outs of software development.

How It Works


First, we gather your requirements, ask questions, and get to know your idea.


Working with you, we develop a scope of work (SOW), sometimes known as a blueprint or roadmap.


With your approval, we start working on mockups, and then a prototype. This lets your team test the infant app.


After your team approves the prototype, the first version of your app is developed and goes live.


I'm the Chief get-it-done guy

We'd love the chance to help you realize your dream of an app. Light Bolt has been helping business and individuals realize their dream of digital products since 1987.

And we'd like to talk with you about your dream application.
Be that a SaaS idea, web or cloud based app. Or even a mobile app idea.

When you're ready, we're ready to help. I'm looking forward to talking with you.

Thanks Tim


UI/UX Designer / Architect

As a software architect and experience designer, I'll be the first person working on your app. My role is to realize your vision into mockups, prototypes, and choose the technology best suited for your app goals.


Server Consultant

My job is to ensure you have the right hosting servers to support your web app, cloud app, or database servers for your mobile app. Your servers will be secure, robust, and responsive.


Database administrator

My goal is to import your data into the right data structure, and make sure your app uses that data in the most efficient way. At the same time, ensure hackers cannot get at your data.




Want to know the right technology and options for your project?
Explore gives you options, mockups and a roadmap/blueprint that you can send out to bid, and our estimate should you wish to move forward with Light Bolt.



Want to test the market with a minimal viable product? With just enough features to start getting customers? This is the option for you.


Full app

This is the average we've seen for cloud, web or SaaS app based on our past clients. We're confident this is a good retainer for most projects.
We're happy to estimate your project based on past client projects.

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