Lightning Bolt Point Of Sale - Commodore C128 Chip

Get 3 add-on ROM chips that add functions to your C128 or 128D or 17xx Ram module.

Normally I sell the chips for $25 each + Shipping & Insurance. But you can get all three at a special price!
****Chip #1 ****
Put GEOS inside your C128 (or RAM expansion) and load it instantly!

The Commodore C128 has an extra socket that can hold 60K of GEOS code so it does not need to be loaded from disk!

Installation is easy: just remove the screws of your C128, pop the cover off and pop in the chip in. Now when you start you C128, you can go to Geos rightaway.

You still have 100% compatibility with all other C128 software. The chip will let you boot CP/M, start in 64 mode or native C128 mode.

GEOS will boot to the 80 Column mode, but you can switch to 40 Column mode with two taps of the RETURN key.

*** 1750 or 1700 Ram Expansion owners:
The 1750/1700 has a space for a ROM chip! Yes you can put the GEOS Boot ROM in the 1750 and boot GEOS. This keeps your C128 internal socket free for other ROMS.

QUESTIONS I've been asked:
Q: Is this for GEOS 64 or GEOS 128?
A: This chip boots GEOS 128 Version 2

Q: Can I use other C64 cartridges with this istalled?
A: YES, C64 cartridges force the C128 into C64 mode where the GEOS Chip is disabled.

Q: Can I put the chip in the WRONG way?
A: No, The Chip has a notch and so does the C128 socket. Just line up the notch and the chip will go in correctly.

Q: Does this chip violate any copyright?
A: NO - this chip is offical, approved and legal!

Q: With this chip, do I need the GEOS disks?
A: YES, you still need your appliction, work and desktop disk. The chip just loads GEOS in under a second.

Q: I'V opened my 1750/1700 RAM expansion and see no open socket?
A: Some 1750/1700s need a socket added. It takes about an half am hour to solder in a socket. I can do this if you send me your 1750 and some $$$ to do the work. Anyone that is good with a soldering iron can install the socket you need.

Q: Are there other ROMS for the C128?
A: YES, there are four as far as I know. I am working with the copyright holders of the other three chips to be able to sell all four here on eBay.
Q: Can I have more than one ROM in the C128?
A: YES, you can have two or three. One in the C128, one in the 1750 RAM expansion. You can turn these on and off with switches or by holding special keys down when the C128 is powered up.

The GEOS Boot ROM also solves the "disk serialization problem". When GEOS first came out ever boot disk had a serial number. All applications needed to have this same number or they would not run.

Without the boot chip, any application you get on eBay may have a different serial number than your boot disk ... and won't run.

The boot chip solves this problem. Now you can run any GEOS application regardless of the serial number.

The ROM solves this problem so you are freed to use your applications or buy new ones on eBay that have been serialized.

There is "virtually no support" needed for this ROM. You just open your C128 and the guides make the installation a snap.

The Chip correctly uses what ever drive you assign as Drive 8. There is no need to fiddle with disk utilities to assign a drive number. The chip always finds the right drive.

****Chip #2 ****

The BASIC 8 ROM is both rare and useful. It allows you to write BASIC 8 programs that extend the Commodore 128s BASIC graphic commands.

The C128 has advanced support for graphics in the 40 col mode. BASIC 8 adds the commands (and more) to the 80 col mode.

****Chip #3 ****

This is the Servant ROM that adds features to your C128 or 128D. Here is what the author wrote:

THE SERVANT is a ROM-based utility package designed exclusively for the Commodore 128

Hi! And welcome to THE SERVANT. The guys who designed the Commodore 128 dida great job. Both you and I have enjoyed the fruits of their efforts. In the design of the C128 they included a feature which has only rarely been put to use. If you open your trusty
128 (or 128D) there seem to be something missing. Among all the black, rectangular chips there's a vacant socket meant to contain a ROM chip. A lot of goodies can be put into that space.

This is where THE SERVANT comes in. THE SERVANT offers a plethora of nifty utilities and convenience features designed to make your computing life easier and more fun. Even if you only use the 64 mode, the chip still gives you added features.

THE SERVANT is designed with maximum convenience, compatibility and security in mind, making it unusual or even unique in many ways.

Well see for yourself and enjoy!

* 100% compatibility with all software and hardware you might throw at it.
* RAMDOS is fully supported where appropriate.
* Does not use any memory.
* Supports 40 or 80 column mode, fast (2Mhz) operation in 80 columns.
* Simple device number selection. Device numbers other than 8 (9 through 12) can be accessed by holding down SHIFT, C=, CONTROL or ALT along with the command key.
* Your computer won't try to boot a disk when powered up or reset. If you DO want to boot a disk, just press the "0" key which is big and easily accessible on the numeric keypad.
* Run the first program on a disk as a BASIC program.
* Load the first program, switch to 64 mode, and run it.
* Run C64 programs as if you entered 'LOAD "*",x,1' in 64 mode where 'x' is the device number.
* Directory. RUN, DLOAD, BLOAD or BOOT a 128 mode program, or run a 64 mode program by pointing at the desired file.
* View the contents of SEQ, PRG, USR, REL and even DEL files.
* Display as ASCII or screen codes
* Quick and convenient 1581 partition selection.
* Scratch selected file.
* Recover a NEW-ed BASIC program.
* Even works after a reset when a graphics screen was involved.
* Go to 64 mode AND back to 128 mode, and then re-enter 64 mode with ML programs, BASIC programs and variables as you left them.
* Even utilities will still be working!
* Enhanced DOS commands. Validate will now protect the boot area (if boot sector exists), even if it consists of several sectors.
* Device number change/swap command.
* Recall last command.
* Swap 40/80 column screens.
* Convert memory to BASIC DATA statements.
* Create stand-alone program or merge DATA statements into any BASIC program.
* Select initial line number, increment, line length and data type (2 types of decimal and 3 types of hexadecimal).
* Read all banks and memory ranges.
* Integrated file manager for the QUICK BROWN BOX. Unlike the QBB's own file manager it won't interfere with JiffyDos, programs, utilities or anything else.
* Fast (2Mhz) and convenient one-key loading from the box.
* Download files from disk by using the directory.
* You can freely mix 64 & 128 mode programs within the same box.

SERVANT features, disk tools:
* Can use all device numbers 4 through 30.
* Automatically detects the hardware you are using, and adjusts accordingly.
* Uses burst mode whenever possible.
* Recognizes RAMDOS as any other drive.
* Full 1581 partition support.
* The built-in copiers automatically detect, and take advantage of, 64K VDC memory.
* Built-in copiers also take advantage of 1700, 1764 and 1750 memory expansion.
* Will automatically detect the size of the REU (up to 1Mb supported) when selected.
* View normal directory on source or target disk, or view an extended directory which displays deleted files as well.
* Disk report - Statistical overview of the number of files of each type, the blocks they use, boot blocks and blocks free on disk.
* Disk copier - Copy whole disk or only the tracks which are used (marked as used in the BAM).
* Single or dual drive copy.
Automatically detects if the disk is single or double sided.
* With 64K VDC memory (but without a REU), it will copy a whole single sided disk in one pass.

File copier:
* Single or dual drive copy. * Adjustable sector interleave on target disk for maximum reload speeds.
* No limits on the use of 1581 subdirectories.
* Copy files freely between subdirectories, even from one subdirectory to another on the same disk.
* Automatically detects the space remaining on the target disk, and reports if the space is inadequate.
* Options to make multiple copies of files, scratch copied files from the source disk, and automatically replace of duplicate files on the target disk.
* Bulk scratch the files you select.
* Recover scratched files. Will report which files are recoverable or not.
* Can recover all file types, even CBM files.
* Header/format disk.
* On the 1571 you can select single or double sided format, and you can convert a single sided disk to double sided.
* Change disk name & ID.
* Create partitions and subdirectories on the 1581.
* Graphic representation of the disk which displays the free space usable as subdirectory areas.
* Edit directory. Re-arrange, sort, rename, lock/unlock files.
* Change program load address, change file type & compress directory.
* Print directory.
* Output directory to printer including all normally hidden information. This includes start track/sector, REL file side sector and record length.
* Optionally, print start and end addresses for PRG files and SEQ/USR file lengths.
* Autoboot tool. Create boot sector on a disk for a variety of purposes.
* Write a BASIC command line to be executed upon booting. Limited only by BASIC and size of the boot sector; all direct mode commands can be used.
* Make boot sector to run 64 mode programs, even programs requiring a SYS command or LOAD "*",8,1 to execute.
* Analyze boot sector.
* Kill boot sector, transfer boot sector from one disk to another.
* Convert boot sector to an executable program or vice versa.
* Boot sectors will support all device numbers.

If you prefer, the Servant ROM can be put into a cartridge or even inside the 1750/1700/1764 REU's.

Installation is easy: just remove the screws of your C128, pop the cover off and pop in the chip in.

You still have 100% compatibility with all other C128 software. The chip will let you boot CP/M, start in 64 mode or native C128 mode.

*** 1750 or 1700 Ram Expansion owners: The 1750/1700 has a space for a ROM chip! This keeps your C128 internal socket free for other ROMS.

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