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One Button to Rule Them All!

October 3, 2019

One Button to Rule Them All!How to make Excel do everything you want, even start your car, with the click of one button.  Most people that use Excel daily, do repetitive tasks that could be automated. While you can write down your workflow, and use Excel Macros to automate each task, the real power is when […]

How to Win Against Amazon

October 3, 2019

How to Win Against Amazon.Mom & Pop, online sellers can compete against Amazon, by using better software.  Amazon may be crushing your local, department store, but smaller sellers can kick their ass online. Amazon is a multi-product behemoth. But that’s also their weakness. Have you noticed how Amazon search sucks. And I mean really sucks. They […]

Hidden Secrets of Excel.

October 3, 2019

Hidden Secrets of Excel.I worked as a Software Engineer, at three corporations, where my job was to automate Excel. This one secret can save you gobs of time.  Many engineers, accountants and IT professionals live in Excel – it’s the application they use most of the day. The problem is that they are doing some repetitive tasks, […]

Contract Software Development

October 3, 2019

Contract Software Development Saves Time and Money. Hi from Michigan,  Do you face the problem of a one-off, software project? Something that your internal IT department doesn’t have time for?  Hiring people for one-off project is costly, involved, and a huge time suck. But, using contract developers, may be the answer that makes you the hero.  I’m Eric. I was […]

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